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Feature Project

Better Business Cases for Ten Year Planning

Auckland Council Parks, Community and Lifestyle | June - September 2017

This groundbreaking project used structured conversations to develop and evaluate future options for Auckland's extensive network of parks, libraries, pools, sportsfields and community centres. 

The goal: To strategically prioritise over $7 billion in capital and operational spending for the LTP 2018 - 28.

Alicia teamed up with Jim McMahon from Caravel Consulting Ltd in this mammoth effort, to develop and facilitate 25 strategic workshops across eight activity units. Industry-leading methodologies including Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) and Better Business Cases (BBC) were applied, to deliver understand strategic drivers, generate options and analyse benefits and risks. A suite of succinct one-page business cases now summarise the strategic, economic, financial, commercial and management requirements for focused investment over the coming decade.

Current Projects

Southland District Council Corporate Performance Framework | June - October 2017

Strategic advice and support to implement a new approach to managing performance information, including a redeveloped strategic framework. ILM workshops identified strategic issues and priorities for change, with benefits mapping techniques used to understand strategic objectives and levels of service. A collaborative/decision-conference approach engaged Councillors and officers in the development of new planning and reporting frameworks and the development of enhanced measures and targets.

Gore District Council 3 Waters Service Delivery Review | June - August 2017

Section 17A of the Local Government Act 2002 requires periodic review of funding, governance and service delivery arrangements. Three waters is a sector under pressure, facing increased regulation, changing community expectations and affordability constraints. Alicia recommended changes to enhance key strategic relationships, reduce risk, optimise value for money and improve renewals planning.

Recent Engagements

Programme Business Case, University Client

Redevelopment of a transformational $21 million IT Programme Business Case, navigating complex political, commercial and organisational context to successfully secure funding. 

Social Housing, Democratic Effectiveness and Investment Property Review

Alicia uncovered a concealed $20 million investment liability, severe under-resourcing and decision-making weaknesses that have prompted urgent strategic discussions around the governance table.

ILM - Testing the Logic of a Tech Investment

A 2 hour facilitated ILM workshop identified a suite of previously unacknowledged strategic business changes required for investment in new field technology to be effective.

Business Case Recovery - Consortium of DHBs

Recovery and redevelopment of a $75 million IT system Programme Business Case to meet Ministry of Health funding requirements.

Detailed Business Case - University

Co-authoring a Detailed Business Case for an $80 million capital facilities investment, recommending a fully developed preferred option.

Management Systems Review - Ministry for Primary Industries

Internal effectiveness review, recommending improvements to performance management,
stakeholder engagement, decision-making and administrative efficiency. 

Satisfied Clients

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