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We challenge assumptions...

Expert Facilitation and Strategic Advice

We work with organisations like yours, to ask challenging questions and tackle tricky problems. You don’t hire an external consultant for more of the same – you need the challenge and insight of a fresh set of eyes, and the value of specialist expertise.

The Structured Conversations model brings together planning and investment management frameworks that you might have heard of, like Better Business Cases and Investment Logic Mapping (ILM). The result? Fun, productive workshops, first-rate analysis and quality strategic advice.

Clients choose us, because of our reputation for awesome workshops and recommendations that are bang-on. We’re experts in our field and we understand the kind of challenges that your organisation is facing. We’re not afraid to challenge assumptions, test the status quo or ask stupid questions. Our team are known for enthusiasm, depth of experience and an excellent sense of humour - we ‘get it’ quickly, and can help you to untangle complex issues and develop a targeted, focused way forward.

We get excited about working together and having ‘aha’ moments. We have the right conversations, with the right people, to deeply understand issues and realistically plan for the future. This means our business cases, reviews and recommendations don’t just tick a box – they add genuine value.

Recent Feedback

"Alicia ran multiple workshops in relation to a range of our services.  The timeframes and scope of the work meant the need for a responsive and agile approach, as well as the ability to ask the hard questions and work actively with participants to facilitate and articulate their thinking.  Alicia’s delivery of workshops was excellent and we have received strong positive feedback from those who attended!"

- Auckland Council,  Service Strategy and Integration